Save on Your Health Plan Premiums

Each year, team members and their covered spouses are encouraged to take an active approach to better health. In doing so, Boyd Gaming provides you the opportunity to receive a discount on your health insurance premiums for the following year.

All participants can access coaching through the LiveHealth Online On-site Health Hubs, LiveHealth Online mobile app or by calling 1.888.548.3432 (1.888.LiveHealth).

There are three steps to unlocking Discounted Premiums:
  • Complete a Health Screening between January 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021
  • Complete your first visit and set a goal by April 30, 2021
  • Achieve your health goal by August 31, 2021
Read on for details about each of the three steps:


Complete a Health Screening between January 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021.
A Health Screening is a quick and confidential health evaluation. It's free, and the results are 100% confidential. The health screening will include your weight, height, blood pressure, as well as a simple blood test to check your cholesterol and glucose levels. There are three convenient ways to get your Health Screening:

  1. At your property – Boyd Gaming has arranged for Quest Diagnostics to go to your property in February 2021. These screenings take about 20 minutes to complete. It is recommended you fast for this test but it is not required.
  2. Doctor's office – You can complete an annual physical (health screening) at your doctor's office and then ask your doctor to fax a confidential "Physician Results Form" to Quest Diagnostics before the March 31, 2021 deadline, or you can upload results at
  3. Quest Diagnostic Patient Service Center (PSC) – Visit a PSC to complete a health screening. An appointment is required. Please fast for this screening, which will be a venipuncture (blood draw from the arm).
For scheduling questions, contact the Service Center at 1.855.623.9355 (1.855.6.BE.WELL).


Complete your first visit and set a goal by April 30, 2021.
You will need to contact LiveHealth Online before April 30, 2021 and complete your coaching sessions by the August 31, 2021 deadline. You can either call 1.888.548.3432 (1-888-LiveHealth), visit the On-site Health Hub, download the mobile app or visit

*To download the LiveHealth Online mobile app, select one of the options below from your mobile device:


Achieve your health goal by August 31, 2021.
Follow up with your health coach for two more visits between May 1st and August 31, 2021.
Your coach will work with you to set a schedule that's right for you.*

▶▶ For those with certain health conditions, you will be contacted by an Anthem nurse to determine a suitable health goal for you to agree upon.
*If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for a discount under this wellness program, you may qualify for an opportunity to earn the same discount by a different means. Please call an Anthem Better Health nurse at 866-670-1581.


Healthy passes are issued to team members or their covered spouses when biometric scores in 2021 (received between January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021) are within the healthy ranges for each health category. A covered individual who receives a Healthy Pass will not be required to set or meet a goal to qualify for the discount in 2022, but will be required to complete biometrics screenings before the deadline date in 2021. Anthem will send direct notifications to those who qualify for a healthy pass.

To be in healthy ranges, you should be BELOW:
30 120 / 80 200 100 or 140
BMI Blood Pressure Total Cholesterol Glucose – fasting/non-fasting

Please note: Anthem utilizes independent companies to conduct the on-site health screenings and provide health coach services. This information is confidential and not accessed by Boyd Gaming.